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Online features for your customers: web portal, tracking, online cost estimation

Repairline also offers the possibility of unlocking certain online features for your customers on their individual homepage. That way, your customers are able to, for example

  • open a repair or service case,
  • choose and order a fixed-price repair,
  • keep track of an order placed in store or online,
  • respond to a cost estimation online.

All this is saving time and money, and guarantees you and your customers to stay up to date regarding the order status at all times.

Repair tracking in your software for repair administration

Our track & trace feature is able to do more than just query the repair status. Once a service case is registered, there might be a lot of questions, changes and requests:

Would the customer like to know exactly how far the progress of the repair is?

  • Has the customer contact information changed?
  • Should the repaired device be shipped to a different address?
  • Do your customers ask how long the repair is going to take?
  • Would the customers like to know more about the identified defects?

All these questions - no matter if coming via the customer hotline or as an email to your customer service - need to be answered. And that costs time. By using Repairline's online status query, all of those requests can be answered by the customer himself: at all times and without any additional cost.

Query the order status – for all service and repair orders

Tracking for all Return Material Authorisation as well as service and repair orders is a standard function in our repair management software. With this feature you include your customers atively and give them the following options:

  • query the current order status,
  • have a look at the repair progress up to now,
  • read possible comments regarding the repair,
  • look at attached photos of the defect, quotations and other documents,
  • correct contact details if needed,
  • change shipping address,
  • customize mode of return shipment,
  • verify order information,
  • respond to the cost estimation online.

By the use of precise settings you get full control about which data is visible for your customer on the tracking page. The following aspects will be defined centrally in your administration system:

  • Which milestones will be visible for your customer,
  • when will the Track & Trace be unlocked,
  • if and how the tracking link will be automatically submitted.

These settings are done with only a few clicks, thus you can start right away.

With any order there can be particularities. Because of this, documents, photos or comments may be unlocked individually for inspection. That way you are able to control at all times exactly which of the intern photos or data is available for the customer.

Also for the customer the usage is as intuitive and simple as it gets. He simply needs a tracking link or a log-in for the tracking page. Log-in data is set up automatically by the system. That way the customer does not have to sign up for a customer account or register himself anew. Since tracking is order-related, there is no inquiry about personal data of the customer.

What are the benefits of unlocking repair tracking?

  • Your hotline will be relieved of a lot of questions, since the tracking page will be giving a lot of answers.
  • Customers are able to check on the repair status independently of your working hours.
  • All previous progress of the repair is visible online at all times.
  • The customer feels well-informed and is able to retrieve the data via all standard browsers any number of times. 

The function of Track & Trace offers more than that:

  • The customer is able to correct his contact details.
  • You are able to make comments regarding the repair visible for the customer.
  • Photos of the damage may be added for inspection.

Additionally, well-advanced tracking and view options - precisely configurable by yourself at all times - are available for your external partners, service centers and other parties.

More online features for your customers: online issuing of a repair order

A modern multi channel communication has the potential of great services for both small and large repair companies. How do you reach customers that did not take their device to your repair shop in person? In this case it is important to offer a quick and simple solution in order not to loose any jobs to numerous online shops. With Repairline you are able to have a website generated, where your customers are able to issue an order at any given time. The customer portal will be designed with your layout and your logo and all data appears directly in your software - without your employees having to enter any details from printed forms manually into it.


  1. The customer opens your web portal in his browser and only has to fill in the repair form and accept your terms and conditions to issue the repair order. The boxes of the order form may be designed according to your repair process.
  2. Data will be submitted in real time in your repair administration in Repairline. You will see directly that a new order has been issued. Additionally you may choose to set an automated alert.
  3. Depending on the chosen settings, you are able to, for example, automatically send an order confirmation via email to your customer and generate a shipping label for a DHL parcel and send it via email or have the device picked up.

Would you like to allow online ordering only for certain products? With just a few clicks you are able to set the types of devices for which this feature should be available. Also the following steps may be adjusted as you wish. Should devices be sent to different repair centers, for example depending on manufacturer or product type? Our software is able to take care of the correct routing, that way the devices will be sent to the repair shop directly, without sending it via a hub. In the same way, different options for further logistics, shipping or pick up of the repaired device are available.

Have cost estimations answered online

Each cost estimation may be generated as a pdf document per default and be sent as an email or in printed form to the customer. For quick and lean processes it is necessary that the decision the customer made about the proposed repair gets to you in the most uncomplicated and quick way. The customer can send his answer via email. This means an effort at your side to save the answer as well as possible comments. Also a response by phone or in person costs time and can only take place during working hours. Even if these classic ways to respond - such as telephone, consultation in store or email - are preferred, our software offers the possibility to have your customers submit their answer to any cost estimations online with just one click. Are you concerned whether your clients are going to use this option? The figures speak for themselves: Already in 2014, every second customer chose to interactively answer to the cost estimation online - directly in Repairline.


An online cost estimation in our repair management software saves time and effort for both you and your customers. The customer is able to:

  • see the cost estimation online, including possible comments and references,
  • answer to the cost estimation  with one click - accept or decline suggested additional repairs or other optional services,
  • add a comment if needed.

All details and data will be saved in real time in your administration system and the status of the repair order will be automatically changed to the next one. Since this feature has been preconfigured, you will be able to start right away.


What does this save you? A lot of time!

  • Cost estimations can be answered independently of your working hours.
  • The reply is going to be saved in the system automatically.
  • Freed-up hotline and service employees.
  • Optional alerts make sure that cost estimations are answered in time.

All that is already part of the standard version of Repairline.

Asking questions is free! In other words: Online customer survey

With further interactive steps you are able to take even better care of your customers. Would you, for example, like to ask your customers after the repair's completion how satisfied they were with the service? Would you like to know if the offering of further services is desired? According to your business model, you are able to include a simple online survey in your workflow. That way customer experience can be improved significantly. Of course, all answers may be evaluated easily in your reporting later on.

Customer portal according to your corporate design

Any page your customer is able to visit, may be customized completely according to your requirements. This includes: 

  • Your logo/your corporate identity, 
  • Contact details and colours,
  • at any time editable CSS,
  • your individual layout upon request,
  • customizable texts and notifications,
  • white label as an option.