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Software for service and repair management: Modules and features

In our tour you will get to know the manifold functions that our software for service and repair management offers. Through the info panel you are quickly able to access all information on your service orders, tickets and customer appointments. In your repair management you always get direct access to the most important features and modules and are able to edit all settings and data belonging to customer, company and stock management. Thanks to a highly flexible structure you may model your processes in a tailor-made manner as well as configure user rights and expand and limit modules and features. That way Repairline combines the advantages of both a standard software and an in-house development: Your individual service management in our software is ready to use in no time - upon request also as a white-label solution.


Overview: Orders, appointments, tickets

In our control center you have everything at hand. Here you can find the most important information on service cases, tickets, customer meetings and claims presented in an orderly manner. Use our numerous filtering options, such as progress, manufacturer and service type to make your search lead to the desired result. The display of the summary page may be customized to each user's needs individually.


Create an order

You would like to enter a new service, repair or return material authorization order? With the help of your customized wizard all relevant data will be entered and stored in the system in only a few steps. Any further information can then be added as comment or attachment (e.g. receipt, photo). The starting point as well as all individual steps may be customized to your own workflow. Order entry may also be configured specifically according to each manufacturer or product group. 


Online repair acceptance and tracking

Enter an order online - send in device - query order status: Your customers are now able to enter all their data through their individual customer frontend. For your electronic order entry form certain enquiries may be configured, such as about specific defects. The order that has been created through the end customer portal as well as all other data are available in real time in your system. As a standard feature your customers will be able to follow the progress of the repair via tracking.


Online cost estimation

With any fee-based repair there comes a cost estimation. Our management software offers numerous features regarding cost estimates, for example:

  • Automatic creation of cost estimations
  • Adding comments to a cost estimation
  • Display and answer cost estimations online 
  • Add optional repairs via dialogue

Manage tickets and tasks

The ticketing system manages your internal communication. Each process will be saved with an individual id, that way all details may be accessed quickly at all times. The module ensures that not only all service orders but also any further requests are forwarded specifically to the responsible contact person and thus are processed as soon as possible. The summary of tasks may be filtered by various criteria, such as priority, type, status or timestamp.


Check serial numbers

To heighten the reliability of the entered data, among other things you may have the serial number of the device checked. You are able to define individual number ranges for each manufacturer and product or e.g. use the pre-defined IMEI check for smartphones. According to your settings, the model and the specific device with all belonging data (e.g. customer details) will be recognized due to the serial number. At the same time you can have a look into the history of the device including all previous repairs.


Define task processes and workflow

No matter how complex your workflow is: the cooperation between repair shop, distributor and manufacturer may be configured in Repairline in clear steps right from the start. You may, for example, customize data entry, define test prcedures, account for service flat rates, create documents, generate text messages or emails - always automatically and in time. And in case your workflow, individual tasks or even the organizational structure changes, you may adjust the controlling of the service procedure to any repair process across company borders at any given time.


Repair orders including insurance

Whether deductible or cost estimation in case of an insured event of damage or data exchange with the insurance company - our repair management system disposes of a wide range of features for the handling of repairs in insurance cases. That way e.g. requests for cost assumption will be forwarded to the responsible contact person and may be processed online. Thus, also all repairs including incurance will be handled in a quick and clear manner.


Manage SWAP pool and rental devices

Enter a repair order and thereby lend a spare device for the duration of the repair. The pool of rental devices may be split between various branches and shops and be managed separately, if needed. The management of rental devices offers a wide range of features e.g. to keep track of due dates and appointments, send notifications as reminders, log the devices' conditions or to send in defect devices for repair. In our management software you also find solutions for SWAP processes in after sales management.


Service code: record defects

Repairline offers everything you need for a clear and comprehensive after sales classification. With pre-defined or customized repair codes you may enter and document defect symptoms and failures of the most diverse products. By categorizing all repairs you help the responsible technician to get a quick and precise overview. The evaluation of all registered defects offers a wide range of data and reports for you controlling department.


Manage customer meetings

Add customer meetings to your calendar and, upon request, our useful notification feature will send an email at just the right time. The clearly structured list of appointments offers filtering functions and a comfortable sorting by mouse click. Individual due dates or appointments may be exported in a common format as calendar entries. All dates are saved including a direct link to the repair order, that way all service case details are immediately retrievable.



Use Repairline to streamline logistics and lower transportation costs. You may automatically assign goods to the desired service center based on logical criteria, with or without a logistics hub. Assignment of the order to the respective repair shop happens automatically with precisely set distribution keys in the service center matrix. Likewise, return shipment is chosen intelligently by the management tool. That way the duration time of the process as well as transportation costs and management efforts are lowered.


Manage stock and procurement

Expect a lean procurement and stock management. To enable a smooth repair workflow we not only provide the technician with detailed part lists, but also with a virtual shopping cart. That way we optimize your spare part management and ressource planning. Thus, optional ressource planning modules may be linked conveniently to the repair management system.


Automatic creation of documents

Pre-define company-customized templates for shipping labels, cost estimations, orders, invoices, receipts, repair reports and more. You are able to match each document to the corresponding workflow step in a lucid matrix. Thus, the automatically filled forms will be either printed ready for dispatch or sent by email-  reliably and in time. Of course all documents will be saved and archived in the repair management software by Repairline.


Export data

Would you like to save or have a look at your data outside of the software spontaneously? A wide range of filters guarantee precise querying of the data. All orders and corresponding information, reports or offline backups may be exported to Excel© at the click of a mouse and edited further at will. Thus, you always maintain full control of your data. An automated data exchange with other systems is possible as well.


Create reports

In Repairline you are able to filter, sort and export your data pool according to selected criteria at all times. Maybe you want to control the efficiency of your service processes with the turn-around-time feature, check the frequency of DOA and warranty cases, compare repair data of various products or product groups. Filters can be configured and saved precisely according to your query. Do you wish for more? Reporting services contain everything you need for the creation of individual reports and controlling.


Interfaces for your service management

Repairline web services offer direct access to numerous functions via an oben interface (API). This enables an always easy data exchange between your service and repair management and other systems (eg. manufacturers, distributors or logistics providers).


Browser-based repair management

Our tool is browser-based and available everywhere, that way you don't need to install anything. You only need a laptop or a mobile device with access to the internet and are able to start right away with the latest version of our management tool. The online software is compatible with all standard browsers, independently of the operating system.


Repair management and data security

Your data are in good hands with us. Our servers are located in one of the biggest data centers of Germany. All customer data are saved every half hour, all system data once a day. All systems are being supervised by monitoring tools permanently.